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What Is “Convergenre?”

This is not a word I created. Rather, it was originally coined by Samir Kashyap, a student in the Media, Theory, and Production (MTP) program at the University of Western of Ontario. Like numerous other programs related more or less related to communications, including my own (Library and Information Science), it falls under the Faculty of Information and Media Studies.

“Convergenre” first appeared in the December 2012 edition of OPENWIDE. FIMS alternative student publication. Kashyap’s article about it appears on pages 6-7. While I liked Kashyap’s ideas, including questioning the necessity of genre itself, I thought it would be useful to build on his article by discussing two areas where I could apply my expertise: categorization from the perspective of Library and Information Science, as well as the convergences (intentional and unintentional) of “classical” music with more “popular” genres. Furthermore, since Kashyap’s program is under the same faculty as my own and I’m really keen on interdisciplinarity, it seemed even more suitable to continue the discussion from a slightly different perspective.

My response to Kashyap doesn’t appear here, however. Rather, I have submitted a piece to the online version of OPENWIDE, and it was posted just today under the title Categories and “Classical” Music – A Response to “Convergenre: Music in the Age of Adaptation”. If the ending seems a little rushed, it’s in part due to the word limit. Nonetheless, it’s also somewhat deliberate, as I’m trying to create an impressionistic kaleidoscope of how musical genre has always been a vague concept… possibly even before the concept was created.

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