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For starters, I’m not purporting to put myself at the same level as Jesus, Gustav Mahler, or Robert Powell. Nonetheless, the title for this inaugural reboot posting (“resurrection”) of Geheimnisvolle Musik indicates a renewed commitment on my part to keeping this blog up-to-date. Content will likely include commentary on interesting stories related to music, or on studies related to the categorization of music.

In the blog’s initial incarnation, the majority of postings focused on personal experiences with finding similarities among different kinds of music. As time allows, that content will be condensed into a single document. The current postings, now in a reverse-chronological format broken up by other postings, will disappear once the new document is up.

Why the major lull in postings? Well, I started doctoral studies in September 2010, and I have tried getting a handle on how to balance everything (coursework, various part-time work positions, etc., etc.). Now that I am finished with coursework and moving on to preparing for my comprehensive examination (which essentially consists of reading several thousand pages and showing “what I know” at some point several months from now), my time isn’t necessarily “freer.” It is more flexible, fortunately, and I can manage broader swaths of time more effectively. Since my coursework has covered such topics as critical theory, information equity, politics and aesthetics, content analysis, cognition, and so on, I hope to apply some of the insights I’ve gained to discussion of the issues addressed in this blog. I have also completed a book chapter that dissects genre’s pervasiveness as a mode of music categorization, and advocates alternative modes to facilitate greater musical discovery. That will appear in (Indexing and Retrieval of Non-Text Information), which will be published by De Gruyter Saur in May.

So, with that, feel free to join in the discussion. Civil comments, spirited discussion, and even some of your own cross-genre associations are always welcome here.

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